Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Can't sleep and random acts of kindess

It's after 2am, can't sleep because their has been a gas leak across the road and the wonderful men have been fixing it, but, I can't help wishing the leak had been sniffed earlier yesterday! Onto the random act of kindness, yesterday I had to go to Market Boswoth to the company I'm going to be working fors induction training (four days this week). I couldn't find any free parking spaces, so went to the pay and display car park, to find I din't have enough change for the machine grr! I saw a man coming towards me and asked if he could change a five pound note, he couldn't but, gave me a pound coin and said have it as an early Christmas present! Bless him and thank him for his kind deed! Think the repair men have finished for the time being, so I'm off to bed, Lucy cat has gone to bed on my bed and is snoring! (She may have to be re-located to her blanket on the sofa in the living room........)xxx

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I've taken the plunge!

After struggling with the seat belt on my little car, I said to myself, "Enough is enough" or something along those lines! I know what to do to lose weight and be healthy but, there's nothing like the support of a good Consultant at Slimming World and the support of your fellow 'losers'. Probably the only time folk feel good to be losers lol! So, no homemade bread (my biggest weakness next to cheeses), and no more doner kebab once a month with my friend, instead I will have the meat kebabs done on the grill with no pitta and their delicious salad, no garlic mayo either, just the lemon juice squeezed over the salad. I'm not being too ambitious, interim goal is 1 stone (14 lbs to fellow bloggers who use pounds only), then move to 2 stones and so on until I've reached target, at least 7.5 stones. I know my joints will be thankful for the less stress and other conditions can only benefit too. Wish me luck! xxx

Saturday, November 01, 2014

I just don't believe it!

Title said in a Victor Meldrew voice! I was outside letting out the chickens in my short sleeved t shirt this morning, 1st of November! Didn't feel in the least bit cold. I don't know what the exact temperature was but, it's even warmer now and the Sun is out. Hopefully the grass will dry out enough for me to give it it's last cut of the year.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Bradgate Park walk

Yesterday my friend came over and we decided to have a walk in Bradgate Park which isn't too far away by car and cost £2.50p to park. Being avid 'Autumn Watch' followers, we immediately recognised the sound of a Deer Stag bellowing out across the park but, one sound baffled us. It sounded like a cat and so we searched for this 'cat'. No it wasn't the mewing sound of a Buzzard, we'd heard that too. We were quite surprised to find it was a young deer calling for it's Mum! Later on in the walk, I took a short video with my digital camera as it has sound recording too, to share with you. I do hope you hear the sounds, if I can upload it onto here for you. Also, just as we parked up the car, we saw someone getting out of their vehicle and take out a bird of prey of some kind and go speak to the park ranger by the entrance to the park. We followed them into the park and the ranger told us that the bop was a 'Red-tailed American hawk'. The bird was female and called 'Pen'. I took a couple of photos, not brilliant as the light wasn't good. We watched a while as the bird flew between it's owners and was rewarded with morsels of food. In this park, there are various kinds of deer and despite watching AW, we still couldn't identify them! I think there was some kind of inter breeding going on as, there were pale golden ones, ?Fallow deer with the spots on, dark brown ones, reddish ones and the stags had various types of antlers! Some stags had paddle-like antlers others had the 'usual' ones! I took some pics but again, light quality wasn't brilliant (or my skills probably as a photographer!). It was a lovely mild day and we even had a bit of sunshine! The last time we went to this park was some years ago when I had bobby dog and it was a bitterly cold,damp,misty day in January, a real winters' day.
A double rainbow from one day last week and sunset from last week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Not a virgin anymore...........

I've done it! Made my first Approved Foods order today, only been a member since December last year! There always seemed to be too much stodgy stuff and confectionery for my liking but, today, although I have ordered some stodgy stuff, I'm quite pleased that there is a lot of very useful 'store cupboard' items in there that, I will be grateful for when I come home from a shift and want something quick and easy. So, I'm not an approved foods virgin anymore lol!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Laundry catch up!

I mentioned to a friend that my washing machine died and whilst talking on the phone, she asked,"What's that alarm noise going off?". I told her it was the fridge/freezer, it's on it's last legs! She then told me she had a washing machine I could have, in full working order and she could get me a fridge/freezer (that wouldn't win a f/f beauty contest!), for nothing except for maybe a mug of tea each for her Hubby and his best mate who where delivering and fitting both! Of course I said YES PLEASE! Now, I really believe in the power of thought or prayer anyway, but, this time it went out into the unknown/ether and came back positive! Yesterday morning, I spent time carefully packing up the frozen stuff, then finding somewhere cool to put the fridge stuff, taking out the baskets,shelves etc, good job as the shelves fit the new fridge. Unfortunately, the baskets from the freezer didn't fit the the new to me one! So, the chap who gave me the f/f, said he's sure there are other bits to it in his garage, he will look for them. I really hope he finds them as the baskets have no backs on and the stuff throws itself down the back of the freezer if you don't open it carefully lol! There's also an extra basket/drawer missing from the bottom and a ?door to the top compartment, which think is a 'fast freeze' section. Don't even know the brand, otherwise I would look it up on google (other search engines are available -:) ) BUT, I'm so pleased to be able to get my washing done! The washing machine is so quiet compared to my old one, so quiet that, I have to go check see it's still working or finished it's cycle! The fridge/freezer is so much quieter too! Lucy cat certainly appreciates that fact! The high pitched noise of the motor on the old one must have hurt her ears. Well, better finish browsing blogs and get the next lot of washing in! Have a great week all! xxx

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wash day blues and blind hen

Woe is me, still haven't got a working washing machine, could do with winning one! Remember a few weeks back I won a baking set? Loopy hen is now completely blind. Poor soul,one of her coop mates Specky tries sometime to help her by, gently nudging her in the right direction when she gets 'lost' or 'stuck' but, is often rewarded with a peck or attempted peck for her trouble! Loopys' sister, Twinny doesn't seem to care, she swoops in on the best bits of food or treats. Has any other Blogger got a blind hen or hens? How do you cope with them? Any hints?