Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wash day blues and blind hen

Woe is me, still haven't got a working washing machine, could do with winning one! Remember a few weeks back I won a baking set? Loopy hen is now completely blind. Poor soul,one of her coop mates Specky tries sometime to help her by, gently nudging her in the right direction when she gets 'lost' or 'stuck' but, is often rewarded with a peck or attempted peck for her trouble! Loopys' sister, Twinny doesn't seem to care, she swoops in on the best bits of food or treats. Has any other Blogger got a blind hen or hens? How do you cope with them? Any hints?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things happen

It has been a while since I posted here, nothing exciting to tell you. I may be in employment in the next few weeks, fingers crossed. Not exactly what I used to do or trained for and about half or more the salary. But, employment hopefully. I'll say no more about it until/when I get the job or not. Life throws things at us from all angle. This week it is the breakdown of my washing machine. Tried all sorts of things but, it looks like it is a goner!So having to hand wash the towels that where in it. This is where I wish I had a spin dryer to take out the excess water after washing by hand. My wrists are aching already from just wringing them in the washer and putting them in the sink! But, must crack on and get them hung outside as the weather is dry at least. I do hope good 'thing' are in your week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I was trying to change the picture on my header and ended up with the selected image as the background to the current one, Doh! Me and technology........!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Now that's a tasty Scotch egg!

I had to go to the village Co-op store to get some cat food as, a neighbours' cat (sitting besides me now) comes in to snaffle my cats' food and I'd run out of it. I also bought a cabbage (stir fry for tea and the hens love cabbage) and spotted the Scotch egg as pictured above. Mug of tea made, 2 pics taken and scoffed as 'breakfast', very tasty indeed! Highly recommend the eating of, providing of course that you like chillies. John Gray would like it I'm sure, bet he's already tried one?

Monday, September 08, 2014

I'm a winner!

Last month I recieved my prize of a baking set from the Housing associations' magazine competition, ( as pictured ), the round tin went to my Sister and the patty tin to her neighbour as, I didn't need them but, the others are already in use. Thank You HAssoc'n! Then there is a pic of Twinny and Specky hens taking the mat at its'word! That is as far as they got, no watching telly in this house, although Twinny got in the living room last week and was well on her way to the hallway! Must get a proper gate outside the back door!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


The hens are having plenty of exersise in the back garden, trashing it basically and having fun. I get 2 eggs most days but, this week Loopy laid her large eggs 3 days in a row! Haven't had an egg from her in the last 2 days but, what an effort from a hen that hasn't been laying well since her concussion! The fox is still about, have made it almost impossible for it to get at the hens by putting extra welded mesh around the run and coop with planter troughs and heavy planted pots around the outside too. They are getting used to Lucy cat but, if there is a neighbours' cat in the garden, they are very vocal! I've discovered they don't like broccoli, love all kinds of cabbage and spinach and even bean sprouts, so might do my own sproutings! You can tell when they have had a fair bit of spinach/greens, the yolks are deep golden in colour and very tasty boiled. I'm still trying to find someone willing to put down some slabs around the edge of where the aviary is to go and then put up the aviary and a new plastic roof. Of course, have to buy some more concrete slabs,wood and plastic roof panels first! Hopefully won't be too long before the aviary is up and the girls will have more space,fox proof and sheltered.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fox attack

It's what I've been dreading, the fox attacking my hens. Yesterday morning, the hens made their alarm call about 4.30am, I got out of bed to look out the bedroom window but, couldn't see anything so assumed it was a cat, they go bananas when a cat comes into the garden. This morning was different, I had been awake since 3.30am, decided on a cuppa and then go back to bed, visited the bathroom and whilst there, heard what I thought was Loopy pecking at the wire mesh, then the alarm call went up. I dashed to the bedroom window to see a fox scrabbling at the wire mesh, the girls were frantic. So I banged on the window, then opened it wide and shooed it away. I went outside and made sure all 3 where still there and the fencing intact, which it was. the girls were still frantic as Lucy cat raced past to chase off the fox, which started them off again. I made what I thought was soothing noises and the good old standby of meal worms being shook in a plastic cat treat box did the trick! They had a few 'worms and settled down again. This is were I really wished I could afford an Eglu cube to really keep them secure and prevent foxy from getting to the hens. Tonight I will resort to the chopping board and bricks to replace the non existent pop hole door and vent the coop a little as it was so hot last/previous night, I didn't put it in place.........lesson learnt although nothing will stop a fox once it knows the hens are there.