Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I've got 4 new hens! Daisy and Laura are Plymouth Bar Rock x Rhode Island Reds, Mary is a Maran x Rhode Island Red and Rosita is a Columbian Black tail. It's hard to tell who is actually laying out of the 4 as with my original 3 hens, I can tell by the colour of their eggs, Twinney lays lovely light blue eggs, Specky lays medium brown eggs and Loopy lays light olive eggs. so far, from the new hens, it looks like Daisy lays dark brown eggs, Laura lays lovely little pearlescant almost eggs an I think Laura and Rosita take it in daily turns to lay slightly bigger and slightly darker eggs than Rosita. But, I do have a lovely selection of colours and sized eggs at the moment.
I will attempt to get pics of the new girls but, they don't stay still long enough to get a non-blurred pic! They do get me up really early at the moment and I'm trying to get them to keep quiet until at least 7am but, this morning it was 6.45 am! Probably due to the sunny start. I am currently visited by the 'Black Dog' and these hens and my lovely Lucy cat keep me going, something to get up for. I visited a Rheumatologist last week, I have Bursitis in my right hip, will need a knee replacement in the near future (but waiting for referral to an Orthopedic consultant,, my GP has to refer me), also don't know if any benefits are going to be paid, as have had to sign off JSA, trying for ESA. After working all my life, majority of that as a nurse (35+ yrs), you'd think that the government would be more willing to pay me the pittance that is ESA, to get me up and running (lol!) and back into work for the last 4+ yrs before my State pension starts wouldn't you? No doubt the State pension age will go up again before then! Well, enough moaning, time to pop some more pain relief washed down with a strong cup of tea! Catch up soon xxx

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wheel tappers and shunters style

Last night I went to a 'Fur and feather' type auction at an old fashioned working mens' club type place and was immediately transformed back in time to a UK tv programme as per title of this post. Fortunately without the cigarette/pipe smoke! I got there way too early, as I'd allowed more than enough time to bag a seat and put in my piffling lots, ( a large feeder and a medium drinker for poultry) at 5.50pm, the auction didn't start until 7.30pm! I saved a seat for my friend M, she brought her lovely dog along. My lots didn't sell but a man and his wife came in late and bought 2 very small feeder/drinkers, so I offered them mine which they bought! My friend and I had 2x 1pint drinks of soda and a dash of lime cordial. M paid for them, she gave me £4 but, was in shock when they cost only 80p for the two! I did enjoy it but, will take something to read or some crochet or knitting next time! We are going to a different one next week on Wednesday evening, M will get there early and bag 2 seats and I will get there after the auction starts, after I've been to the 'Fat Club'.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Little bulbs/corms of lovliness!

Look what arrived in the post today!They will go into pots and put out of the reach of the free-ranging hens! Aren't they lovely? Brightening up a grey day!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chickens do what chickens do!

This morning, whilst it was still relatively dark, I had to move some fencing panels as they were banging against a neighbours fence and threatening to smash it down. It was VERY windy and as big as I am, I had visions of me being blown over the fence! It started bucketing it down with rain, too late I wished I'd put on a waterproof jacket, I was soaked. As I moved the first panel, I saw something blue and brown in the dim light. As I got the other 2 panels down, it was obvious why I hadn't had quite so many eggs after the chooks had finished their moult........7 eggs in total (first pic), one moved by ? Mr or Mrs Fox! (second pic). They were lovely large eggs too but, couldn't risk eating any of them as I didn't know how long they had been there. Of course, this explains why Specky and Twinny kept saying they'd laid and then I couldn't see any eggs in the nest box! The little beggars!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Can't sleep and random acts of kindess

It's after 2am, can't sleep because their has been a gas leak across the road and the wonderful men have been fixing it, but, I can't help wishing the leak had been sniffed earlier yesterday! Onto the random act of kindness, yesterday I had to go to Market Boswoth to the company I'm going to be working fors induction training (four days this week). I couldn't find any free parking spaces, so went to the pay and display car park, to find I din't have enough change for the machine grr! I saw a man coming towards me and asked if he could change a five pound note, he couldn't but, gave me a pound coin and said have it as an early Christmas present! Bless him and thank him for his kind deed! Think the repair men have finished for the time being, so I'm off to bed, Lucy cat has gone to bed on my bed and is snoring! (She may have to be re-located to her blanket on the sofa in the living room........)xxx

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I've taken the plunge!

After struggling with the seat belt on my little car, I said to myself, "Enough is enough" or something along those lines! I know what to do to lose weight and be healthy but, there's nothing like the support of a good Consultant at Slimming World and the support of your fellow 'losers'. Probably the only time folk feel good to be losers lol! So, no homemade bread (my biggest weakness next to cheeses), and no more doner kebab once a month with my friend, instead I will have the meat kebabs done on the grill with no pitta and their delicious salad, no garlic mayo either, just the lemon juice squeezed over the salad. I'm not being too ambitious, interim goal is 1 stone (14 lbs to fellow bloggers who use pounds only), then move to 2 stones and so on until I've reached target, at least 7.5 stones. I know my joints will be thankful for the less stress and other conditions can only benefit too. Wish me luck! xxx