Thursday, July 30, 2015

Boring, moaning post!

Well, after such a long while since the last posting, you'd expect something interesting to read wouldn't you? Sorry to disappoint you but, nothing really to tell. Except that I'm getting fed up of juggling the finances and not being organised enough to craft, sell it and make money. but, I have been making savings on things like groceries/pet food etc. Thank goodness for the 'yellow stickers'! Ilona from 'Life after Money' would love that! Right, off to pick some fruit at a friends' place for free and do some cupboard store grocery shopping. Maybe the next post might be more encouraging and happier?

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Playing around..........

Just had a play around with these petals and rose centres, there is beauty even in decay!

Monday, June 08, 2015

A few pics to share

A Feather cloud, Loopy hen fast asleep on the sleeper, going to bed and Binks, don't own him, he adopted me! I call him Binks because I think he looks like the cat in the film, 'Hocus Pocus'.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Houdini Hen

There's always something going off in my 'Hen World'! What with a broody young hen, squabbling in the pecking order, now 'Houdini Hen'! Rosita the Columbian Blacktail hen has discovered how to wriggle her way through a very small gap in the fence. It has been wired up so many times, I've lost count. So now i have to consider a different way to keep them in and keep the cat happy. I'm going to prune the Privet hedge because behind it on both ends of the fencing is a diagonally placed support for the end posts. These will enable the cat(s) to run up and jump back into the garden. Just have to work out how they get over the fence out of the garden, without the hens doing the same! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Think I know what the matter is with Laura (hen)

I can't remember if I told you about my new hens? They all started laying after a couple of weeks. One of them, Laura, laid a few, really pretty almost pearlescent beauties and then stopped laying! I checked her over, eating/drinking well,flesh in all the right places, no prolapsed area (egg producing end!), her comb and wattle nice and rosy-pink coloured, no lice/mites or injuries that I could see. Then today, the 'penny might have dropped' moment occurred. Even though she is so young, could she have gone broody? The signs are there, plucking feathers from her breast and stealing the other hens' eggs. Today would be the 18th day of not laying, so if I'm right, only 3-4 days to go before she starts laying again. I had to put her in the old coop/run this morning, as the others were creating, making such a din, even the cat, Lucy was complaining. (Cat owners will know what I mean, that 'heavy breathing' thing they do, it's hard to ignore and Lucy is very good at it!). I caught her in the act of stealing Marys' egg (lovely pale fudge- caramel coloured egg). Mary has always laid just outside of the nest box and there is a drop from the roosting box into the nest box, Laura had not broken it but, was settling down to 'incubate' it, plucking a feather or two from her breast. Hopefully, that's all it is, broodiness.
The first picture shows the wonderful colour selection of eggs the hens are giving me at the moment, Daisy lays the chocolate brown eggs, Rosita the pale brown ones, Mary the caramel fudge ones, Specky (older hen) lays pinky brown ones, Twinny (older hen) pale blue ones and Loopy (older,blind hen) the olive ones. The second picture shows all the hens apart from Loopy who was down by the pond, laying her egg (she lays them anywhere and I have to check over the garden to find them!) Daisy is the dark one on the left, next to her is Laura,then Specky, then Mary, at the back of them is Twinny (Loopys' Sister), Then Rosita (she's a Columbian blacktail). So, will let you know when Laura lays and show a pic of her egg.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I've got 4 new hens! Daisy and Laura are Plymouth Bar Rock x Rhode Island Reds, Mary is a Maran x Rhode Island Red and Rosita is a Columbian Black tail. It's hard to tell who is actually laying out of the 4 as with my original 3 hens, I can tell by the colour of their eggs, Twinney lays lovely light blue eggs, Specky lays medium brown eggs and Loopy lays light olive eggs. so far, from the new hens, it looks like Daisy lays dark brown eggs, Laura lays lovely little pearlescant almost eggs an I think Laura and Rosita take it in daily turns to lay slightly bigger and slightly darker eggs than Rosita. But, I do have a lovely selection of colours and sized eggs at the moment.
I will attempt to get pics of the new girls but, they don't stay still long enough to get a non-blurred pic! They do get me up really early at the moment and I'm trying to get them to keep quiet until at least 7am but, this morning it was 6.45 am! Probably due to the sunny start. I am currently visited by the 'Black Dog' and these hens and my lovely Lucy cat keep me going, something to get up for. I visited a Rheumatologist last week, I have Bursitis in my right hip, will need a knee replacement in the near future (but waiting for referral to an Orthopedic consultant,, my GP has to refer me), also don't know if any benefits are going to be paid, as have had to sign off JSA, trying for ESA. After working all my life, majority of that as a nurse (35+ yrs), you'd think that the government would be more willing to pay me the pittance that is ESA, to get me up and running (lol!) and back into work for the last 4+ yrs before my State pension starts wouldn't you? No doubt the State pension age will go up again before then! Well, enough moaning, time to pop some more pain relief washed down with a strong cup of tea! Catch up soon xxx

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wheel tappers and shunters style

Last night I went to a 'Fur and feather' type auction at an old fashioned working mens' club type place and was immediately transformed back in time to a UK tv programme as per title of this post. Fortunately without the cigarette/pipe smoke! I got there way too early, as I'd allowed more than enough time to bag a seat and put in my piffling lots, ( a large feeder and a medium drinker for poultry) at 5.50pm, the auction didn't start until 7.30pm! I saved a seat for my friend M, she brought her lovely dog along. My lots didn't sell but a man and his wife came in late and bought 2 very small feeder/drinkers, so I offered them mine which they bought! My friend and I had 2x 1pint drinks of soda and a dash of lime cordial. M paid for them, she gave me £4 but, was in shock when they cost only 80p for the two! I did enjoy it but, will take something to read or some crochet or knitting next time! We are going to a different one next week on Wednesday evening, M will get there early and bag 2 seats and I will get there after the auction starts, after I've been to the 'Fat Club'.